Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Loving Brother Looks Back, then Ahead

The Loving Brother Looks Back, then Ahead

Let’s take a look back after a year and wonder,
What would have been if she stayed buried under
The ground, left for dead, after the failed board’s blunder,
Had her alumnae not responded with resounding thunder:

Would the campus be empty, the dell left forsaken,
The sun rising in the east with no one to awaken?
Would groups of nostalgic old friends have to break in
Just to share a cry together to mourn what was taken?

Would the horses be left with no one to ride them?
Would the dorm rooms be vacant with no one inside them?
The underclass women, elsewhere, with other teachers to guide them,
Longing for the single sex education forever denied them?

Thankfully, these things can be only imagined,
Because of you all and the fight you impassioned,
The furious words you followed with action,
Building the future you dreamed and then fashioned.

There is so much on this day of which to be proud,
For just one year ago you were wrapped in a shroud
With no hope, no future, no fight even allowed,
But you stood fast together and you all faithfully vowed

That the school meant more than a paper and memories,
Or the careers that were purchased with your four year degrees
Despite all the demands of life, from your kids, and families
For they all understood, sometimes you must seize

The reins and take righteous control,
Give freely of your time, your treasure, and your soul,
To the take your place, and assume your role,
United with your sisters in one common goal.

Now we look back at what you've done in a year,
And while we look back let us shed one single tear.
Then when we turn around and see there a future clear
A solid foundation built, with no more to fear.

Now of course there will always be more we must do
For one who gives love knows no such word as through.
We're all there together; we stand cheering for you.