Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Loving Brother Sees His Sister Rise

A Loving Brother Sees His Sister Rise
HSC to SBC part 2
Peter T. Atkinson H-SC '00

Just as I thought all hope had gone,
That her sweet days were all but done.
I put her in pearls and her sundress,
And laid my sister there to rest.

I cried awhile and remembered her,
But through tears and time my memories blur,
For I'd forgotten the power lying there,
The potential of which I was unaware.

For just as I offered to her one last toast.
I put on the Hot Nuts for one last roast.
And as they sang, "You know those girls from Sweet Briar. . . "
She jumped up and said, "We keep rising higher."

She rose right up out of the ashes,
With perfect make-up and mascara'd lashes,
The pearls gorgeous, her mind set,
I knew then nothing was over yet.

For she said, "Still I rise, and keep on rising.
My sisters we are not done surprising.
We'll stand together. We're more than we think.
We can pull ourselves back from the brink.

We can pull together a coalition
Of other schools in our position.
Our Vixen sisters can plant the seeds,
For our mission is one that this world needs.

We'll raise our voices together and then,
We'll say a prayer and say, Amen.
We'll join together our talents and skills,
And find the money to pay the bills.

Never doubt us, dear loving brother,
We rose one time and will another.
Don't count us out; don't shed a tear.
We're here to stay; never you fear.

Fight with me brother; I need you now.
Together we'll stand, someway somehow.
Vixens and Tigers together stand tall,
United, you know, we never will fall.

And next time you see me in this striking sundress,
I'll be there at the tailgate, still looking my best.
The Road Goes on Forever my Friend,
And this party's not over, nor will it end."

And so she rose, and is still rising higher.
Don't doubt the strength of my sister, Sweetbriar.
The limit is now only lined by the skies,
Since she fell, but once fallen, she started to rise.