Tuesday, March 24, 2015

She and I

She and I
By Peter T. Atkinson
Inspired by "Beautiful Pastel Park" (couldn't find artist, though shown as Van Gogh)
Beautiful Pastel Park - van gough, pastel, park

There we walked, She and I, as if we were all
Who’d ever walked, just She and I,
Perfection walking, She and I,
As if, She and I were one.

We kept on talking, She and I, as if we were all
That ever were, just She and I,
Of nothing talking, She and I,
Forgetting, She and I, the sun. 

And so darkness fell on She and I, as if it all
Mattered to She and I,
The light enveloping She and I,
To us, She and I, was love.

But the lamplight over She and I was truly all
There was over She and I,
That artificial lie to She and I
Was not to She and I from above.

And so it was that She and I,
Became a She and Me an I,
She went one way and I go by,
She a She, and Me an I.