Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Rainbow Never Runs

A Rainbow Never Runs
Inspired by Gabrielle Jackson's "Rainy Day Blues"

In olden times, in Noah's day
When God did wash the world away
Forty days of rain and then when done
The clouds subsided for the sun.

And then upon the sky he laid
His bow of peace, a sign displayed
The colorful symbol of covenant love
A promise made from heaven above.

That though the rains do pour and fall
Never will a storm consume us all
Instead the spectrum does remind us
That God's light can always find us.

So in my head I know no rainbows come
Until after all the rain is done
But it lately seems the opposite is true
No matter what I say or do

It's like the rain in its constant flow
Has drenched and soaked God's rainbow
And the varied colors have leaked and run
Until they've melded into one.

And wiped the brightness clean away
Leaving only darkish, purplish, gray,
Seeming like no light could ever sever
Through the darkness, no never ever.

On days like these it's hard to hope,
Not to mention, deal, persevere, or cope.
In this darkness I must admit
That I would rather give in and quit.

The light that makes the colors bright
Has always put up quite the fight
But the battle just proved to be too much
For Faith and Hope and Love and such.

And so as these dreary colors rain
I'll open my umbrella again
To try to stay dry until the flood
Covers my life in muck and mud.

And just as I thought my life was done,
There arose the morning sun,
Shining through the clouds to dry
And once again light up the sky.

But before each drop of rain was gone,
There in the shining light of dawn,
A rainbow, once again was laid
Knocking me to my knees I prayed:

"O God, in the midst of all my fear,
When your voice I can't hear clear,
Give me faith that you'll ne'er depart
By writing this vision upon my heart."