Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Silent Hymn of a Quilt

The Silent Hymn of a Quilt
for Mom

I lie beneath and am warmed by each careful stitch,
Made in the slowness of time, though always were
You rushing against some deadline, some memorial
Celebration, a moment you sought to capture with
And through and in each loving stitch. Each stitch
Contains the meaning of the moments you spent
Crafting: your mind, your hands, the years given
To develop your skills, the mother who taught you,
The mother who taught her, the wind, whose chill
First gave birth to the necessity, events long forgotten:
What memories filled your mind while you made it?
Mother and child share many moments: I entered
This world, leaving the world contained within you,
Screaming, and you offered me a blanket then, too.
It gave me security, a surrogate to fill your absence,
Though you have never really been gone, always there
To read me books, to tuck me in, to calm the fears
Of night and day. Side by side, lying on another such
Creation, I was lost, crying, seeking something solid
To hold as the world around me changed as it does.
You didn’t take me from it, pulling me out to some
Fantasy that could not be, but instead, like your quilts,
You wrapped me in your love, like armor to wear
To face whatever must come. Each stitch holds together
Scraps of cloth, purposed elsewhere, the lonely extra
Put to new use, redeemed. I cannot help but see the hope
Embedded, tied together by loving work, that beyond
What our minds’ envision, exist purposes we could never
Dream of, even in our warmest deepest sleep. Yet there
We feel in body and soul, and so know, though words
Fail, and they are the stuff of the mind, there is more.
This attempt at filling the silent hymn of a quilt can but
Scratch the surface of meaning, and so can never define,
Instead can only give witness, as one can only do to love,
As one should only do to God, for such gifts reside where
The flowing rivers of life never cease enough to grasp,
Instead you let them warm your every night with enough
Sacred given love to spread to others in your every day,
Passing on the love you gave with each careful stitch.