Friday, May 27, 2016

Your Mission Statement

Your Mission Statement

For the Blue Ridge Class of 2016

We gather together again as a community today,

Specifically, to send another group on their way.

Focus your cameras, you will want to remember

On days to come, how we all, since September,

Helping hands and loving hearts, united as one,

Boys and teachers, striving, are now finally done.

Reach your arms out, and embrace your brother.

Their steps, once joined to your own, now to other

Potential challenges, other journeys, now turn.

Through the many years to come you’ll learn—

Personalized from your own life’s ups and downs,

Structured by forces beyond sight, beyond sounds,

Innovative, for sure, no two ever alike—to dream.

Learning dreams, despite how hopeless they seem,

Practices a faith, a hope, unseen, rather embodied

In a soul’s being. This world needs men believing

A truth exists beyond any one mind’s conceiving.

College can’t teach you it, for they don’t own it. No

Preparatory system could ever hope to bestow

All you need to know, so while your body still is

Boarding here on this blue ball, which houses His

Community, ask, seek, knock, and you’ll find your

Mission. Then just do it. You’ll be making a sure

Statement of truth to a world always needing more.

by Rev. Peter T. Atkinson

At Blue Ridge School, we specifically focus on helping boys reach their potential through personalized, structured, innovative learning practices in a college-preparatory, all-boarding community.