Friday, September 9, 2016

Mom's Dream

Mom's Dream
For Carla

We came to visit,
With many friends.
There was a line, it seemed,
But everyone had their own
Unique and special moment
Here with Carla.

I didn’t know the others,
But when I stood there
With her arm in arm,
I felt as if there was only she and I,
And we shared this moment,
In peace, and gratitude
For having been given each other.

I don’t know what the others saw.
I only witnessed my turn.
We looked up into sky,
And clouds shown white
In the perfect blue,
Until it all started to spin.

The white exploded with color,
A spiraling kaleidoscope,
More breathtaking than I
Had ever thought
I had the power to imagine:
Colors, dazzling beyond definition.

But yet somehow
There still was white,
And out of the white came
Four angels, just like you’d think,
Like the one in the empty tomb,
Who said, “He is not here! Risen!”

Indeed, I felt peace,
And I hoped as I woke,
That my peace was meant
For more than me,
But that Carla, would be granted
For her remaining time, such peace.

I don’t know what dreams mean.
I don’t know what dreams
May come, when we have
Shuffled off this mortal coil,
But I have been given in this dream a gift
Because God let me feel deeply.

He let me feel the affliction of another,
Deeply as if it were my own,
Not leaving me in despair,
But clothed in abundant hope.
I know the depth of loss,
And I believe it still means peace.