Wednesday, April 8, 2015

An Angry Brother Wonders Why?

An Angry Brother Wonders Why?
HSC to SBC part 4
Peter T. Atkinson, H-SC, '00 

Weeks have passed, and I still puzzle
O’er why they gave my sis a muzzle,
The Kool-Aid they gave us to guzzle
That the health of her was dire.
They heard no pulse within their steth,
And so they gave her up for death.
She then not only took a breath,
But kept on rising higher.

And the more I hear from the investigation,
The more I question the situation.
It never quells just fuels frustration,
The farther we inquire.
And each new story that we find,
Each new fact that comes to mind,
I become ever much more inclined
To fight their fire with fire.

Because I think just how amazing
‘T would be to go at them guns a’ blazing
Kicking, screaming, and Hell raising,
And lay them on the pyre,
To give their faces quite a smack,
A little dose of pay back.
Though it’d do little to right the track,
It may just ease my ire.

But then I think about the way
Real players of the game do play.
In patience, they wait, and I must say
Their record I do admire,
For they never join the fight,
Until the time, is perfect, right.
They stay engaged, but out of sight,
Safely above the mire.

But when the time to fight does come,
They then emerge from out the scrum,
And make those in their way look dumb,
For all facts they did acquire.
They know the ins and all the outs.
They've listened to the truth behind the shouts,
And they will remove all our doubts
By doing what times require.

And so we wait in hope, and yet,
I think that now it’s safe to bet,
The truth will rise, so never fret,
You just can’t hide a fire.
Each puff of smoke, each little spark,
Just can’t be hidden in the dark.
Though night is long, and cold is stark
The morning’s lights inspire.

So keep your calm, and keep your cool.
Be like Fonzy, not no fool,
And you’ll save your beloved school
By proving them a liar.
The truth it does take some time,
Digging through the muck and slime,
But when we finally uncover the crime
They’ll then have to retire.

Then there on that awaited day
The world will know you're here to stay
No one will e’er then dare say,
Your passion did expire.
We’ll give our thanks, dance, and sing
Newly thankful for each little thing,
Ready for what tomorrows bring,
A strong and new Sweet Briar.