Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Last Unicorn/Vixen

The Last Unicorn, Vixen
Peter T. Atkinson

Have you ever seen the old cartoon movie,
"The Last Unicorn?" The movie came to mind
While thinking about the 2015 graduates
Of Sweet Briar College today. There she is
Living her life, in her safe forest, never once
Thinking about her place in the world, you know
As the last, but then she overhears she is:
Some man spills the beans, and she cannot
Believe it. "Me the last? How did this happen?
There must be unicorns left in the world?
We do not vanish? We may be driven, scattered,
Even killed, if we leave our forests, but we
Do not vanish. No, I must find the others;
If there are others like me, wheresoever
They've gone." And so she goes, out from
Her forest, safe and secure, into the world.
She is befriended by a magician, if you can
So call him, and a girl long grown, still dreaming,
But there is also the Red Bull and the King,
And they together have driven the unicorns
Into the sea, for their own pleasure. She leaves
Behind the safety she's known, and becomes
More than she ever thought possible, and she
Loves. No unicorn has ever done that. With love
As her strength she overcomes her fears,
Stops fleeing the bull, and turns, faces, fights.
She drives him into the sea in her place. His fire
Goes out, and her powers only grow. She has
Become more strong than she ever could have
Back in her safe forest, alone. Since she cared,
Since she asked, since she went seeking, she found
More than she ever thought possible, both in
Her world, and in herself. She found she was not
The last, but after she fought, the others found
Their strength, and came teeming out of the sea
To again fill the magical forests of the world
With their magic. May you graduates this year
Be not the last, but those whose fight inspires
The many who'll follow to find their powers
And fill a world very much in need of unicorns,
Or if we cannot have unicorns, at least we can
Have the next best thing: Sweet Briar Vixens,
Gladly bearing their roses, out of the sea, daring,
To sing at the top of their lungs, "I'm alive, I'm alive."