Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Each Life Matters

Each Life Matters
Peter T. Atkinson

There’s only one difference ‘tween “all” and “each,”
And it’s the only one difference that matters,
For “All” is a number ever out of reach
And therefore all hope it shatters.

Never, no, never could you ever help all
So you might as well now stop your tryin’;
The world around us is just fated to fall,
Why waste your time carin’ for the cryin’?
It don’t matter no how; it never did y’all;
They keep sellin’ but we just ain’ buyin’.
No, life’s just a clock, and all its tick ‘n’ its tockin’
‘s just the music that plays while we’re dyin’.

Do you believe that, really deep and inside?
Have you never touched anyone’s soul?
Can you honestly say that you’ve never felt pride
In making another broken soul whole?
If you’ve ever loved with your arms open wide
Beyond selfish desires of control,
Then you’d too see the shame, of the endless names
Absent when “All” calls the roll.

And so every time that we talk of love
Let's not lose the "each" in the "all"
For silence is broken when only one dove
Forgets that his voice is too small.