Monday, March 7, 2016

A Light to Lead Us Home

Light to Lead Us Home
By Rev. Peter T. Atkinson
March 7, 2016
In honor of Virginia Allman

When we are lost upon the waves,
From the straight path, we long have strayed,
When we are searching for the home we love,
Just when we’ve lost hope of being found,
Surrounded by darkness all around,
We see your light shining there high above.

You send out your light, your light of love,
From heaven’s far shore.
You send out your light, that guiding light,
Forever more.
It stands there firm upon the rock,
Never touched by life’s ticking clock,
Your shining light is always there to lead us home.

You give us all a light to shine.
We let it shine by being kind,
Reflecting the love God sent to us through his son.
We can all show his light today,
Teach to the world a better way,
And just when we think our strength is spent and gone:

Repeat Chorus: