Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Midweek Love Thoughts

Midweek Love Thoughts

Loving needs a face, a touch,
An energy, an embrace.
It cannot be done by proxy,
Nor vote, nor Act, nor decree.

A neighbor is a person,
But never a people.
Flesh, blood, and bone is
Always similar, never same.

There is no we in love,
Nor is there us or them.
We comes only after
You and I make a choice.

Love’s imposters thrive
On nameless faceless mobs
When the cold soulless shells
Replace each with all.

As a car’s color streaks,
Speeding swiftly by,
Faces blend together
When we don’t take the time.

We sort so we can grasp,
Wrap our minds around the whole.
It makes love efficient,
Sufficient, that’s progress.

Love cannot be finished
Nothing is ever done,
It lives as always now,

So it has been, and will still be.