Thursday, May 15, 2014

How to Build a Fairy House

Building a fairy house is the only way
To see a fairy in this our day
Where fairies are disappeared and gone
And people live without seeing one.

So listen child and I’ll begin
To teach the ancient arts again
That most of us have all but lost
By history’s winds been turned and tossed.

Find a clearing underneath a bush
And clear a path in the underbrush
There lay foundation in the shade
Miniature to us, but to a fairy a glade.

And go and gather all around
Twigs from yonder neighbored ground
And in the Earth insert each twig
In a semi circle not small not big

And at the top lay one long ways
Connecting them all, providing stays
And upon the top lay a piece of wood
A roof to shelter them so good.

On the roof place a small pine cone
To act as a chimney for the fairy home
Place with care two sweet gum balls
To work as windows and light the halls.

And now weave flowers into the wall
For color is the only way to call
A fairy to come and dwell within
Which is the reason you did begin.

Make a path of pebble stone
Leading into the peaceful home
Border the path with moss and berry
As if ‘twere a queen the path should carry.

For in many ways she is a queen
This princess of your wildest dream
With beauty and sweet magic power
Paired with the innocence of a flower.

So make the path with the honor due
A welcome road to show you’re true
Adorn with flowers the mossy way
As if she’s welcome here to stay.

Bend a white pine branch at the end
A gate to welcome your little friend
And place a few leaves here and there
To camouflage the house with care.

And now you’ve completed your fairy house
And you must wait as quiet as a mouse
For they have become quite timid creatures
Hiding from the world their magical features

But wait you must and if you do
A fairy may just come to you
And dwell in your house until the end
Filling you with the love of a magic friend.

~ Peter T. Atkinson