Monday, May 12, 2014

All the Love

And so she asked, "all the love?"
With all the innocence of a dove
A question descending from above
And of course I felt its weight.

For in those words is every care
Every pain she had to bear
Every moment that she's been there
Of bonded love from time innate.

Mine, not hers, for from my birth
My every moment on this Earth
She's given me of all her worth
And will give and give again.

A mother's love goes on and on
A mother's job is never done
Forever embracing her only son
Those times they never end.

For I may be big, completely grown,
My life may seem to be my own,
That I must face each day alone,
But that just isn't true.

For every man, each mother's boy
Seeks to bring his mother joy,
And though I've long given up my toys
I do still look to you.

And there I find faith to go
The way to be, the truth to know,
From deep within the love you show,
The man I need to be.

And so that little word so small
Three little letters from you is "all"
And though I often sometimes fall
I owe to you all the all that is of me.