Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Night Lights

When stars shine in darkness
Sparkling white ‘gainst the night
It’s a moment often missed
Or oft times shadowed in the mist
Too much light can blur that far off twinkle
Artificial light blinding our eyes
To the natural wonder of created gleaming
Brighter beaming, but an eternity away
At least seeming because we cannot control
What we have not made, though we try
Thinking if we just could, it would be better
Truly made righteous, made just, for us, by us
Or at least me, I cannot speak for others
So many opinions there would be on just
How it should be, what perfect could be
If we could just agree. Maybe that is why
He who made the sky, made all things
All rules, all decisions, for only He knows
The hearts of all, the dreams we all seem
To find in the sky, hidden behind the gleaming
Of our artificial light’s own beaming.