Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Welcome Child

Welcome Child
A Baptism Hymn by Rev. Peter T. Atkinson

The Lord, upon leaving He gave His command,
To baptize His children, in every place and land,
To welcome them freely within His holy fold,
And nourish them in His love by teaching as He told.
We give of His love; we welcome you here,
For within His soft embrace, you never have to fear,
So now, by His goodness, your Sin is washed away.
He'll guide you and keep you forever from this day.

In the name of the Father, the name of the Son,
The name of the Spirit, forever three in one,
We bless this the water, we sprinkle on your head
To mark you as His child to follow where He led.
The road may be long; you may sin again,
But Christ won't abandon you, He's marked you as His friend.
We pray now the whole world will soon begin to see
That all his promises one day will come to be.

Arise, now, and go my child, wrapped in the Savior's love.
Be wise as a serpent, but peaceful as a dove,
And when you are tested, hold on to your faith.
Remember the promises He makes you on this day,
For you now are His; He's marked you as His own.
No matter how far you roam, you'll never be alone.
His power is endless, and His mercy knows no bound.
There's no such thing as lost enough, never to be found.

Photo Credit for picture of Baptismal Font: Danielle Jackson