Friday, October 31, 2014

Waiting, O God

Waiting, O God


Waiting, O God, are thy faithful people
Silent and still, their hearts unfurled
For brothers and sisters, our actions full and feeble,
Take on ourselves the weight of the world
But we with doubt and sin, infecting
Spreading corruption, pain, and greed
When will faith its armor protecting
Give to mankind the strength it needs?

So from our knees, to the Lord Almighty,
Praise be thy name, thy will be done.
Help us to bend and to love, always rightly
As we are led to follow thy Son.
‘nd when temptation, doubt, and fear o'ertake us
When we cannot endure the pain
Please then O God, do not e'er forsake us,
Drive us humbly to our knees again.

Now on our knees we come humbly to thy table
Arm in arm, our love made clear
We come not because we are worthy or are able
But save that Jesus Christ invites us here
He gives us his body and blood he's shedding
Forgiving our sins, all washed away
To himself our souls embedding
That we would not ever go astray

Help us to live in Thine ever present moment
Open our hearts to hear Thy call.
We seek to discern Thy will, though still and silent,
‘nd place on the altar our gifts, our all.
Though we may not know where the path is leading
Filled with fear, beyond today,
Give, us faith, your spirit, ne’er receding,

To know you’ll guide us each step of Thy way.