Friday, July 4, 2014

My Country's Free to Be

My Country's Free to Be
Tune: My Country 'tis of Thee (God Save the Queen)

My country's free to be 
What we decide you see
We get to choose
Whether we care or not
About the tyrant's lot
Our leaders sold and bought
To win or lose

And what we choose today
No matter what we say
Does have a price
And though we like to think
We're never on the brink
That consequences shrink
Like melting ice

But when the rent is due
We'll pay both me and you
All things have cost
Each choice we choose to make
Each road we choose to take
Though the rough winds do shake
No hope is lost

For hope there always is
When providence is His
And so we sing
That with each rising sun
We've only just begun
For when his will is done
Freedom will ring

By Rev. Peter T. Atkinson