Saturday, July 12, 2014

Each Grain of Sand

Each Grain of Sand
Peter T. Atkinson

God knows every star in the sky
Each grain of sand on the beach
He controls the waves and the tide
And the wind blowin’ free
Every tiny detail with care
He causes to be
With love he gives love
Letting us all truly see

That God will be with you two on this day
And every step you’ll make on your way
He’ll hold your new life in the palm of his hand
This same God who knows each grain of sand

We search in this life
For love, hope, and for faith
He gives us people and partners
To lighten our everyday
Friends are forever
Though way leads on to way
And when we finally find true love
We stop to thank God and we pray

Repeat Chorus

The road will be rocky
With no clear end in sight
You’ll have hard times
You surely won’t win every fight
But remember this day
And your love when things get tight
And know one who knows you
Looks down on you from on high

Repeat Chorus