Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Whole New World (for Coralee's 7th Birthday)

A Whole New World
for Coralee turning 7

As a seven year old your eyes now begin to open
Unto a new world, for what used to be merely
Empty lines and dots on a white pictureless page,
Now begin to take shape for you, inviting you into
A world I have always loved. It is a world I’ve led
You through each night at bedtime, in hopes
The taste could entice your mind to join us there,
And you have. I’ve seen that spark in your eye.
It shows the curious desire to know, or at least
To spend your life seeking to know. You’ve only
Just begun, with forays into other worlds, where
Witches and wizards have schools, and talking
Beasts bravely, freely exist, saved and sustained
By the roar of a lion, and others where tiny mice
Have overcome their bashful nature to become
Knights of surpassing valor and gallantry. You’ve
Heard words have shape, and rhythm, and rhyme,
How one word can own two meanings at one time,
And though you’ve only heard, you are practicing
To see, and you’ll find that through practice you see
What otherwise would never be because you won’t
Have my filter, my slant any more. Your mind
Will take you to places only you can explore, and I
Stand waving proudly at the shore, for my dream
For you is taking place: as lines and dots form letters,
And letters words, and words become other worlds,
Though those worlds do not really exist, they do
Make it easier to find compassion for ours which does,
And you’ll be one of the privileged ones who knows
That “real” is only a limitation for those who never
Learned to see beyond the lines and the dots, whose
World is smaller and colder than yours will ever be.