Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Daddy's Promise (A Child at Night)

Daddy's Promise (A Child at Night)
For Coralee, Clara, and Susanna when they dream. . . 

Sweet dreams, I pray unto you, child,
May they be winsome, wondrous, mild,
Pleasing to your mind with fairies styled,
All pink and flowered dressed.

May your mind throughout the dark of night
Be bathed in the beauty of pastel light,
That nothing to your mind affright,
So you can get your rest.

May your dreams be holy pleasant things,
The joy of never ending springs,
The sweetest song the sparrow sings
Because she knows she’s blessed.

May you dream of all the tales of old,
Of secret jewels, and buried gold,
Of lovely wonders to behold,
Like faithful knights on quest.

May your hopes be ever there fulfilled,
In visions sweet and candy frilled
The faith your mom and I instilled
In teachings we’ve impressed.

But when the light has gone away,
And the silenced fears of day,
Rear their heads and want to play,
A most unwelcomed guest.

Those monsters looming in your mind
As ghostly fears of every kind,
And you wonder what on Earth you’d find
Hiding behind the toy chest.

While in those dreams you wail and moan
At the secret world your mind has shown,
But just as you feel you’re all alone,
Remember Daddy’s request.

Though all alone you surely seem,
I will hear your slightest scream,
And be there beside you as your dream
Fades slowly in the mist.

Though Queen Mab has her darker charms,
You're safe and secure from her nightly harms,
When you are held in your Daddy’s arms,
As all yester-nights attest.

Yes, child, when the darkness does appear,
And you are overcome with fear,
Always know, child, I am near,
And will hold you to my breast.