Friday, October 30, 2015

Two Years an Angel too Soon

Two Years an Angel too Soon

I look down on my family and friends
From this side of the one way lens,
And though I know some time has passed,
The time creeps slow and still flurries fast.

It does both somehow in your world of time,
Of grief and pain and hope sublime,
And through it all, these past two years,
I've seen your laughs; I've felt your tears.

I want you to know that both are fine.
The rain can fall; the sun can shine.
They both were crafted in his plan,
And each's been serving since time began.

The sun keeps rising; the sun keeps setting.
The days go by without forgetting,
That though our time as it was has ended,
My sighted presence from you suspended,

I've never left your heart or mind,
Nor have you ever left from mine.
I am journeying on a different climb, 
So I can tell you from this side of time,

That life, and love, and laughter have powers,
That tears build love, like rain does flowers.
You need not be strong; go ahead and grieve.
Carry your burden, and to your memories cleave,

But know, on the other side of time, am I,
Not waiting, for here the bounds of moment do not apply.
To my perspective, we're here together already,
And our lives are entwined constant and steady,

So you, my loves, be patient; have faith, and live.
Separation is an illusion only time can give.
Eternity knows no death, no fall,
Just the embrace of love surrounding all.

The Sequel to
"To the Angel Taken too Soon"