Monday, June 29, 2015

After Six Years of Yesterdays

After Six Years of Yesterdays
Peter T. Atkinson

I promised you all my tomorrows,
And now after six years of yesterdays,
I love you as much today as ever.
Thank you for who you are to me,
And who you are to our girls, and
As we grow into the future, becoming
The you and I we will be, let us
Mark the years, counting one by one,
For if they all fly by like these six have,
We will be looking back on more
Than we can imagine, quicker than
We can conceive, as our lives chase
Our dreams, or is it the other way
Around? The lines somehow seem
Blurred in the uncontrollable, wild,
And constant motions of love, like
Ocean waves, crashing over unseen
Holes underfoot. We walk, side by
Side, and hand in hand, we lean,
We stumble, we fall, but always
Are we together, you and I walking,
Step by step, along the path as we
Are being led through life by Love.