Sunday, August 17, 2014

Anyways. . .


Turn the other cheek, go the extra mile,
Seven times seventy, but will it ever end?
How often must we step to the side
And let people pass, or walk over us?
Damn it, it's hard, especially when
People don't even see you step aside,
Don't even feel your cheek on their fist
As you turn to give them the other one,
Don't even watch you take the first steps,
Let alone all the rest of the extra mile,
You just run and run and run, and it seems
As if no one cares, and none of it matters,
And giving is all you do, all you'll ever do,
That nothing will ever change. Faith says,
"It only seems that way, it's always darkest
Before the dawn, God is great all the time,
Run the race, persevere, I place my bow,
There in the sky, I'm in control, I promise."
But Damn it, Faith, I really want to know,
 What in the world do you know about it,
Anyways. . .

~ Peter T. Atkinson