Monday, August 26, 2013

A Statement of Faith

 I believe in God,

Who is eternal, infinite, indescribable,

That being said, I’ll try to describe,

Knowing that I will fall short,

But faith is not about complete accuracy;

Instead it is about growing closer,

Approaching, seeking, searching.


I believe that God

Is the great poet,

Creator of the universe,

God’s creating influence, like God

Is not finite, but rather infinite

On going, constantly occurring

Directed by God.


I believe that knowledge of God

Is revealed to us,

Through scripture,

Which I understand to be

Divinely inspired,

Filtered by human voices,

And like us, finite.


I believe that knowledge of God

Is also imputed into us,

We have an innate

Sense of hierarchy

That places something above us;

This something stems

From the question Why?


I believe that knowledge of God

Can be found through

Our observing of the world,

In things, events, and feelings.

We get a glimpse

Of power and creativity

Beyond our understanding.


I believe that this knowledge of God

Is easily ignored

Because it cannot be nailed down

Or packaged and sold.

Instead, it, like poetry,

Despite great power

Is subtle.


I believe that ignoring God

Is the essence of Sin.

We turn away from

Our knowledge of God

No matter how developed

Following our own will

Relying on ourselves.


I believe that Sin

Leads us away from God

Manifesting in action.

Action is symptomatic

Of the great disease

That we have passed

From generation to generation.


I believe that Sin

Is most dangerous

When we believe

That our finite understanding

Of God is complete,

For knowledge is influential

Especially, imperfect knowledge.


I believe that Sin’s influence

Grows exponentially

Creating barriers

Which block true knowledge

Leading to false paths

Toward lesser surrogates

Which become idol replacements.


I believe that the results of Sin

Are the evils

Of our world,

Naturally rising

From our ignorance

Of actual truth and purpose,

The created Way.


I believe God sent Jesus Christ

To reconnect us,

Teaching us more

About what God is

Through Words, Signs,

And Love, Creating

As an artist and Poet.


I believe Jesus Christ

Is God’s only

begotten son,

The Word,

The same as God,

With us, one of us,



I believe Jesus Christ

Was a teacher of Truth,

That there is much to learn

From His parables

And sermons,

And from the example

Of the life He lived.


I believe Jesus Christ

Died on the cross

To atone for our Sin

A sacrifice of flesh

Making us righteous

In God’s sight,

A selfless act of Salvation.


I believe Jesus Christ

Was not a prisoner

To death,

But defeated death,

And was raised,

Removing imagined limits

To the power of God.


I believe that the Church

Stands as a witness

To Jesus Christ,

To teach His word,

To serve His world,

To love as

He has loved.


I believe that Salvation

As a story goes on,

It lives in the infinite

From whence it comes.

To the Glory of God

Living, Creating, Ruling, Loving

Eternal, Amen.