Friday, November 4, 2016

My Leaves - from Jamie's Tree

My Leaves
from Jamie's Tree

The sun sets on another season, and his tree
Stands tall. It has seen it all, knowing
Each face who’s ever dared to agree
To sacrifice, together, as brothers, growing

Stronger as he did, as they all did that year,
Thirteen rings ago. “They would be so good,”
He said, knowing somehow, despite a tear,
The ones that fall when something ends, that should

You look ahead, you’ll see beyond today,
Despite the setting sun, the turning leaves—
Potential—repeated patterns, boys who’ll play
The game, and learn to be men. The tree believes,

And repeats his hopeful words again each fall,
“Boys, you are a part of something beyond
Yourself, and when you leave this place, you all
Will share a deep, unique, and unbreakable bond.

Each year new leaves will grow and fall, and you
Are now forever one of mine. Remember always,
I’m here, I stand firm, and faithful for the few,
The happy few, who in my shade have spent their days.”