Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Love's Knot

Love’s Knot
For Jerry King

Life works like this, I’ve seen, for
Love demands it, and therefore, it is:
Paths collide, life lines intersect,
Tangle, tie, merge, and embrace,
Leaving their marks on each other,
And when pulled tightly together,
They resonate, sending harmonic
Vibrations, circling outward, unseen
Testaments, heard and deeply felt
By open hearts attached to welcome
Ears in need of such reminders.
Time pulls those strings tighter.
Battle and tension tested, stress built
Are the ties that bind, and blest be
Are we, secured in such sticky webs.
Something there is, though, that doesn’t
Love a web, singing and dancing, solo,
Pinocchio’s anthem of independence,
Afraid of becoming a paperclip, made
Brittle by too much bending, unable
To hold anything together, a guitar
String tuned too high, snapping, flying,
Out of control, then removed and cast
Aside, replaced by a newer, shinier
More vibrant edition, a heart who tried
To love fully, honestly, and lost, was left
Empty, used, and broken. Time moves
On and life lines separate. Aye, there’s
The risk. Is there hope for the broken
Life lines? Of course, I think so, but why
Do I?  Because they never actually break.
Such is the illusion—the webs’ cords
Are always there—when we cut them
And when they seem to snap and cut
Us, which is why our hearts must stay
Open, and why our ears must welcome
Love’s harmonic reminders. Thank you
For the music we made together. I’ll
Be listening always. The knots Love
Ties never come loose, so I will feel
Each vibration you send down the line,
And I’ll always be strumming on my end.

- Rev. Peter T. Atkinson