Thursday, March 28, 2013

What Greater Shadow?

What greater shadow
Is so soon forgotten
Than the cross?
Cast in darkness
By Easter morn’s light
Mem’ry’s loss.
Can we hope to bear
Such intense pain?
Could we ever care
Outside of gain?
Giving all, into pain to sustain and reclaim those lost, tossed, and scattered by the wind.
Of course not, which is why our minds like to skip the cross, ignore the pain,
The nail marks, the mocking crown, the burning vinegar, the speared side,
For us, Who drove the nails, who crowned the king,
Who offered burning drink and pierced the side.
Did we really not know?
Or was it just too much?
Is it still?
The amazing miracle,
Grace, Hope,
Faith, Love,
God in our midst,
With us,
And for us,
Became us,
Whom we despise
To raise us.
May we remember the cross
For the cross of hate,
The height of cruel,
The pinnacle of evil,
The high water mark of sin,
Somehow, somehow
Is not enough,
To overcome